Directions to Boy Scout Camp Wolfeboro


We travel on Highway 4 almost all of the way to Camp Wolfeboro. The camp is approximately 20 miles northeast of Arnold, California.


From Valle Verde Elementary School:

1)   Turn left out of the parking lot and proceed to Oak Grove Road.

2)   Turn left onto Oak Grove Road.

3)   Turn left onto Ygnacio Valley Road.

4)   Turn right on Clayton Road.

5)   As you leave the City of Clayton, Clayton Road becomes Marsh Creek Road.

6)   Continue on Marsh Creek Road through the Diablo foothills. Approximately 8-10 miles along the road appears to fork, stay to the left at this junction.

7)   Continue on the same road until you must turn right or left, continuing straight is not an option. This is Highway 4 in Brentwood. Turn right.

8)   Continue on Highway 4, you will see signs along the way directing you to Discovery Bay and Stockton.

9)   Follow Highway 4 into Stockton

10)         As you enter Stockton you will pass under Interstate 5. Immediately to your left are a Burger King and a McDonalds Turn left into the parking lot.

11)         Everyone should eat and stretch and then regroup in approximately 45 minutes to continue the drive.

12)         Turn left out of the parking lot. You are on Highway 4 heading east.

13)         Watch for the county fairgrounds.

14)         Shortly after the fairground you will take a right turn. Look for a sign “TO HIGHWAYS 99 AND 4”. It may be difficult to see.

15)         Approximately one mile down the road turn left at a light staying on Highway 4. You will cross under Highway 99 (Do not get onto Highway 99) and over a railroad track. You are now in farmland.

16)         Continue on Highway 4 for many, many, many miles. When you see Copperopolis you know you’re on the right road.

17)         When you reach Angels Camp, turn right at the junction of Highway 4 and Highway 49.

18)         Travel through Angels Camp. Just beyond “old” downtown Angels Camp, follow the sign and turn left onto Highway 4.

19)         More miles and miles until you reach Arnold. Continue through Arnold on Highway 4, you are almost there,

20)         About 20 miles outside of Arnold, start looking for the BIG MEADOWS CAMPGROUND.

21)         SLOW DOWN when you see the entrance to the campground.

22)         The entrance to Wolfeboro is on the right just beyond the second entrance to the campground. The Wolfeboro entrance is poorly marked. (If you see a road to Spicer Reservoir or end up at the Bear Valley Ski Area, you have gone too far.)

23)         Suggest that you park on the side of the road unless you are staying for the week. Parking is limited. Remember, the vehicles on the road are traveling fast. Exit to the right and stay off the road.

24)          For those staying all week you can go through the stream and just up the hill to parking. Do not leave your car on the road, it will not be there when you get back. A truck or 4x4 (i.e. a vehicle with good ground clearance) has the best chance of success, however my Nissan Maxima has survived the going up and down the hill and through the stream. Wouldn’t do it in a heavy snow year.

25)         Scouts should locate their pack and get prepared to hike into camp. There are plenty of photo ops, bring your camera!


Special instructions for returning to Walnut Creek


a)   In Stockton, Highway 4 westbound crosses Highway 99. Get onto Highway 99 (left turn) heading north.

b)   Follow the Highway 4 West signs that will have you exit to an Expressway about two exits after you get onto the highway.

c)    Watch for the Interstate 5 “Los Angeles” exit and take it.

d)   Stay to the right and take the first exit onto Highway 4. Turn right. You may now retrace your journey back to Walnut Creek.



Parents who are picking up Scouts on Saturday should arrive by 11 AM.

It is about a 3 1/2-hour drive if you don’t make any stops.